the lanturn festival

August 15, 2006

well bout 2 months ago i went to this lanturn festival at Seri Petaling Bukil Jalil to check out what it is all about and this is what i get

now this is some balls which i took, its theme was THE MANDARIN, that i don’t understand 1 bit

then is my mah lady in front of some building which i think is located at Putrajaya

and i think we all know where’s this dino is heading =)

some bugs (at this point i was kinda impressed by their work of arts, its pretty neat when they can make all this kind of things)

thsi dragon was the main event of the day, this 20 feet long dragon is made completely out of plates and bowls and spoons

here’s the tail

and here’s the body

overall the whole festival was kinda boring at 1st because there was little people there but later there was some acrobats show performed by some 5 year old kid which was pretty cool


ice cream…its spoon licking good

June 19, 2006

i remember the time when i got my 1st ice-cream…but then now that i think about it, it was actually a popcicle(flavoured ice) where you suck this tube of ice which has many types of flavours…my favourite was strawberry

then much later it was the age of 'ice-krim potong' i.e. chop ice cream (=.=) which was like 10 times better than the popcicle and comes in durian, banana, corn, red bean and various other favours

when i was bout 9 or 10 years of age then i started to get those nestle or wall's ice cream like 'split' or 'paddle pop' lion ice cream. i couldn't afford any cone ice cream like cornetto or drumstick during that time

now i am 22 years of age and have a job, i can afford to get any ice cream like wall's venette or the baskin robbin's banana split… and i can say that it taste sooooooooooooo good which make me wanna lick the bowl clean…gawd and i just love ice cream



last paper to go…

June 10, 2006

after 2 weeks of enduring sleepless nights, i learned a new trick, if u tell yourself 'tomorrow i'll wake up at 6am' then really tomorrow you will wake up at 6am without the help of the alarm clock…thats kinda cool and now i know why my dad can wake up early for any important day without any alarm eventhough he sleeps late at night.

last paper is on this tuesday and then i will have 3 months holiday (what a relieve!!) anwyays i think i did very badly on my trust paper…about things like unconscionable and not inconsistent… i think during the holidays i will have to prepare for the Nov paper which i'm going to resit =(…well actually i kinda hope that i would pass the paper

now i'm looking forward to my holidays where i can go have a vacation…which reminds me about the last trip to langkawi where i almost die from drowning

well thats the photo shot when we went on a fishing trip at some 'no people island' where the boatman brought us there…anyways i will keep updating some interesting stuff in the vacation =)

things that should exist

June 9, 2006

finally i have a breather between today and the last paper that i'm suppose to take on june 13th

while taking this break i came across some ads which i think they should exist lol

and i wont blame this guy cause burger king just taste better

and if i have a bug spray that is this powerful, ima gonna kill all those friggin roaches in my house, goddam roaches they just too hard to kill

ready to pump it up!

May 25, 2006

i always think like they said, our sub-conscious mind is more stronger than our conscious mind, which is actually true…i as a person who always sleeps in class and have the ability to take down notes in my sleep, eventhough my friends always says that my writing is small and hard to read, i think its just nice, nice enough to block out unwanted copycats trying to steal my notes thus i write it so small that only i can interprete it at home later in a more legible manner

anyways, today i went to college with mah buddy Tjun for some revision for the coming exam. What surprised me was, i was able to do the question even without reading the notes…and that was like so cool which motivates me to study more

now left bout like 6 days for until my 1st paper and i sure hope i am ready to go in, whack the paper inside out and come out victorious….


May 23, 2006

11.43 pm Rzeznik 's House

sitting in front of his pc, Rzeznik is thinking of something to blog. Come to think about it, he had never blog in a proper manner in his life before, mostly reading the blog from this weirdo guy he meet in college who deleted him from his friendster just because Rzeznik did not ask him to join for lunch -_-"

"hey! i know, why don't i just write about my imagination and the things that i wish i could do…"

come to think about it, time really flies fast when you're enjoying yourself and now Rzeznik is left with just 13 days left before his 2nd year law exam.

"Damn man, i haven't prepared myself yet for that shiet"

if only i have the ability to turn back time to the 1st day of my second year semester and i slack off thinking what i should do after class and whether the girl in front with the hawt legs have a man-ho yet… if only i can turn back time i would turn back the time when i was in Year 1 in my primary school with all the knowledge i have now. Surely i will pass all those silly exams with flying colours and imagine doing further maths in front of the Std 1 class teacher. Imagine that going for your 1st piano lesson and u can play Chopin's Fantasie impromptu. Imagine that i did not screw up when this girl ask me out when i was in Std 6, imagine that i can defend and justify myself when some adults talking shiet about you and you can't do anything back just because you are a kid. Imagine that when you talk back and they say "this boy has no manners because he talks back" and you can reply with "just because i can justify myself doesn't mean i have no manners and just because you lost in this arguement, you can consider yourself have the last word by saying other people no manners"…. thats gonna be so cool

imagine u acting more mature than a reasonable kid suppose to act, imagine collecting the magic cards when they 1st come out and by now you would have the rare 'black lotus' card and sell it for loads of money. Imagine yourself preparing for your pre-u examination when you were 7 years old.

remembering back all the days which come and go, i realised that what a fool i was during that time, why i didn't do that, if only i have done that…

however, if it wasn't for those days, i wouldn't be the man i am now, the man that i wanna be, the man i was meant to be and i wouldn't go like.. how i wish i was that guy or this guy where the only guy i wanna be is… myself Rzeznik Janczyk

p/s:rzeznik janczyk is actually my imaginary name in German, well actually its kinda cool when i 1st got it but later when i found out that Rzeznik actually means 'butcher' in german, its not that cool anymore but hey, i kinda like the name =)