Blast from the past

July 22, 2006

I stumbled on this site a few weeks ago, and it instantly brought back fond memories of yesteryears. What am I talking about? Retro games, of course. The site has such games as Frogger, which was my all time favourite game when I was a kid, as well as Space Invaders.

Check out Neave Games and try out the games for yourself 😉


Nanaca Crash

June 15, 2006

I stumbled upon a thread in my World of Warcraft's Guild Forum.
It's a japanese flash game. It was funny and addictive. The guy who introduced the game to us in the forums had scored 7XXXm in distance.

You're suppose to crash your bicycle into a guy who will then bounce and fly right-wards. The objective is to get him to go as far as possible. Of course there would be powerup people to land on along the way which would boost his speed allowing him to go further and faster.

To play the game go here

Instructions can be found here

This is what I got after playing for a few minutes.

high score!