Chap Lap

August 1, 2007

I now officially declare this blog dead.
Reason being that initially some of the members got lazy but up to this point of time, 3 members including myself have proper day jobs which greatly reduces probabilities of chancing upon interesting articles to share. The other member is just being a lazy ass fark.
That being said we are interested in having additions to this blogging team. If interested please let me know and also propose what interests that you would prefer writing about. Articles are not limited to the current categories, as long as the articles are numerous enough to have their own category and attract more readers, it will be added.

You are still able to view our personal blogs. I know mine is active as well as Zizou’s though I cannot say the same for the rest.

Thanks for your support and views!
Until the next time we have interesting stuff to post. Seeya!