A Day Out To The Movies

So I watched Frank Miller’s 300 with my cousin today at 1U. While waiting around I saw this poster from a certain angle which made me go ‘wtf’. The only part I edited was the circle which highlights the word.

People I know have been hyping it up. However after finally getting to watch it, I think it is just overrated. The only flavor of that show is its violence and gore. I am not saying anything bad but that is what I made out of the show. It is not a film you would watch with a girl on a date. I especially was disappointed when they cut the scenes with chicks. Oh yeah sure leave the violence and gore of dismembered body parts flying around but take away the chick scenes. *SPOILER ALERT* I can tell you the factor to the persian’s victory; they had ninjas.

Before the show began, they showed a trailer of Pirates 3. It seemed fairly interesting though I hope they did not take all the good scenes and put them in the trailer. I am especially looking forward to watch Chow Yun Fatt’s performance in the show as a chinese pirate guy.

Also, I tasted the Dorayaki for the very first time. Reason being knowing it all my life as Doraemon’s favorite food. Well my curiosity has certainly be cured. It tastes like two pancakes with some sweet paste in the middle.

I felt like posting a shot of my friend’s superb parking skills.


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