Fast Food, Furious Thinking

February 27, 2007

I was reading Zizou’s personal blog about Fast Food!
Too busy for this blog eh Zizou? Meh…

The way how government is reacting towards Malaysians eating fast food is kind of weird and slow. It is as though they have no been aware of such things going on. Especially fast food intake. I mean heck, fast food has been around even since some of us were born.

“Educating” the public about how unhealthy fast food is, is kind of late and also undermining the people. It is as though that people do not know about the contents of fat and whatnots in fast food.

Like Zizou said, if people were really interested in being healthy, they would not be continuing their frequent intake on fast food.

I myself admit that I used to like eating fast food a lot. However that has changed due to my resolve in leading a healthier life, as well as trying to be slim hehe.

I am again with Zizou, ignorance is bliss. As long as I do not see for myself the “process” of the “foods” being made and all, and as long as it still taste good, I’ll still eat them.

Instead of doing negative-type of actions regarding this matter which they brought up. They should encourage people to live and eat healthy by having all sorts of promotions and incentives.
In Australia, all the kids and adults are very healthy. They lead healthy lives. They exercise and eat healthy. Why is that? I have noticed that they actually make healthy lifestyles easy and interesting, be it through commercials or marketing schemes in terms of food. One example is, they have juice bars everywhere you go. It’s easy to consume. Just order one and drink. School kids actually queue up at the juice bars to buy their drinks rather than queuing up at fast food places.

Young and old love to exercise be it surfing, jogging and yeah Australian Football.
Anyways I believe that there are better ways to handle this “situation” which they have brought up. Rather than oppress fast food companies from running their businesses, why not create competitive solutions? Wouldn’t this be better for everyone? In a sense that there are more choices and varieties to choose from? Wouldn’t it be like a dictatorship and non-democratic practice to “decide” what is best for the people? Or force a solution because the government thinks it is the only way?