I Will Not Be Oppressed!

December 31, 2006

I love this guy… take a read of his article.


I think it was quite comprehensive and detailed, covering almost all there was to the prepaid competition.
All I can say is that educated people will not be fooled easily because they know how to read properly.
The reason why I cannot elaborate much further because I got into trouble before as it was supposedly ethical and professional to not reveal certain information when working or have worked for one of the relevant parties.

Think you can handle the kebenaran now?


Nuculear Technology

December 30, 2006

I was reading the newspapers today and I saw two articles sent by readers. One was against Malaysia having a nuclear power plant with reasons that it is unsafe and damage would be severe should anything bad happen. Another was for Malaysia trying research into nuclear power technology for powering the country with reasons that it will be cheaper.

Seriously, I would not be too bothered if the person who was pro-nuclear would give more valid and compelling reasons as to why having a nuclear power plant would be more beneficial. However giving reasons like “oh because then we would be able to have lower electricity bills” does not really convince me. I am sorry but I have to go with the guy against having the nuclear technology. I do not want a Chernobyl incident in Malaysia and most of all I do not want to turn into a mutant. Personally I am against having a nuclear power plant or similar technologies in Malaysia because the bad side of having them is just too great and not worth risking. Unless of course they put it in some place where nobody likes and it’s explosion and radiation radius is far away from the Klang Valley hehe.

Withdrawal Symptoms

December 28, 2006

It is the second day since the earthquake affected the southern part of Taiwan. It is also the second day I am suffering due to it. The internet connection here is so sluggish you would think you were using a dial up connection. It is so slow I cannot even play World of Warcraft anymore which is really upsetting because it is the last few free days of 2006 I have before I really look for a job and I would like to spend it playing but I guess I cannot do that now. For those of you who still are oblivious as to what really happened or have difficulty with reading news, I suggest that you go to thestar.com.my and read up on it before assuming all sorts of nonsense. You would be surprised how many dumb fucks are blaming streamyx for this. If it is anybody to be blamed it should be the government for not allowing more Internet Service Provider competitors about which would strive to give the best and most affordable services around. They have made us so dependent on the one ISP and now when it faces difficulties we all suffer.

You might be thinking there are other ISPs in this country such as Jaring and Maxis. They have a very limited range of areas which they provide their services. Jaring only provides wireless service in my area which is a no thanks for me. I do not understand why people think going wireless is better than wired connection. If the only strong case of going wireless is that there are no wires, boy are these people retarded. I have used wireless before, as well as my friends who have significant knowledge with computers and how they work have felt that wireless connection is crap. First of all, the wireless transmission between your modem and the ISP, followed by the transmission between your modem and your computer; be it a desktop or laptop. These are the two obstacles which the data has to go through. By now people should realized that there are many different types of datas being transmitted through the air such as mobile phone transmissions. People also should know that any electronical device would produce electromagnetic interferences simply because they are electrical appliances; electricity runs through them. These as well disrupts other electromagnetic stuff around it.

In short, think about the concept of flying in an aeroplane and riding on a train, both supposedly traveling at the same speed. Also that the aeroplane is not a good one and that there are many many tall obstacles in the aeroplane’s way.

Oh well… I guess I am just rambling now. I still support wired internet connectivity.
Somebody fix the internet connection already before I kill somebody!

Hello, is anyone out there?

December 27, 2006

Am I or am I not connected to the internet? My local area connection status is showing that I am but I can’t access most websites, especially international sites.

I can’t log in to any of my messengers. Looks like communication is cut off.

Will my writing here be published? I have no idea. I am just typing away.

I am panicking because I depend on the internet for livelihood. A cut off in communication will spoil my reputation. I can’t check my email or send any out. I can’t access eBay or go to Paypal. I can’t even access my own Webstore.

And of course, when I can’t blog…. you know what happens to a semi-pro blogger :-/

What I can do is to access local online newspaper reports that tell me this is a regional problem and will take up to three weeks to repair. I can access to live stock quote that is showing the unhealthy status of my shares. I can access to Maybank2u that shows me payment done but by whom? I have no idea.

All these are making me frustrated like hell.

Weirdly enough, I can access to this blog. But is anyone reading me???

Blogging For $$$ Finally Comes True

December 9, 2006

You know how some people blog to make some pocket money? They implement some contextual ads on their blogs but unless it’s a high traffic femes blog, these contextual ads never get the blogger anywhere.

In my own blog, I calculated that I’d need at least three and a half freaking years to even hit USD50.

Also, people are so used to these ads, they don’t “see” it anymore, and with browsers that can block ads, these ads won’t even appear on screen.

However, since this Summer, things have changed. Now, bloggers are getting paid to blog, even for low traffic blogs, because the links in these posts do not actually require people to click on them but it’s a part of search engine keyword manipulation by using specific anchor text.

How long will this euphoria last? I believe that these agent companies may come and go but the concept remains. I also envision that as the market matures, the requirement for bloggers will be more stringent.

So let’s enjoy it while it last!