oops! tough luck

November 30, 2006

this morning on my way to work I saw an accident near my workplace. A car had rear-ended of all things… a police van.

I can’t imagine how the guy must have felt. It’s bad enough to rear-end somebody, but a police van… that must really have wrecked his day.


The Purposes Of Blogging?

November 27, 2006

Well I was motivated to come up with some stuff after reading one of my ex-college mate’s old post on her blog site regarding the reason of blogging.

My reason for blogging is to have some form of written/typed record of my thoughts and feelings at the particular point of time; this is for my personal blog. For fun blogs like this site, I blog merely to share interesting things with people. I try to to entertain people by posting things which I think may be funny to certain audience. I also sometimes feel the urge to criticize about people and things especially if they prove to be really really incompetent; to let the whole world know how big of an idiot they are.

Well these are my reasons for blogging. Now let me write/type about why I think other people write/type blogs.

1. To attract attention. They want to be heard/read. They want the whole world to know who they are and what they go through. Some of them are quite annoying though… they keep posting about the shittiness of their lives. They try so hard to sound sad and dramatic in hopes that people would give them sympathy. Some of these people like to display their ‘I don’t give a damn about what you think attitude’. It is funny I guess because if they really did not care, then why do they bother blogging it in the first place?
2. To share interesting stuff with other people. Some people love food, so whenever they come across nice eating places they decide to share with others and give their reviews on those places. Good stuff.  I commend those who actually write educated articles with significant substance.
3. Some people own blogs to look and feel sophisticated or smarter. After a while they tend to give up on it because they do not really have anything intelligent or significant to write about.
4. Some people like to propogate their expressions, theories and philosophies as to how certain things should be but are afraid of being persecuted or oppressed so they take the guise of annonymity over the internet to protect themselves at the same time reach out to people everywhere on the internet.

Well there is all I can really think of right now, if anybody would like to add on, feel free to leave comments!

Man Eats Swan

November 22, 2006

So apparently there was a guy who’s hunger overcame him and he went out to kill a swan just to eat it.
He got arrested and all. His only reason was that he was hungry.
Personally I found it really funny. Would it have been so bad if he just went to a nearby burger joint and have a set meal? Unless of course his preferential meat of course was indeed poultry, of the swan kind…

This article was taken from Yahoo! News and the original source can be visited here:

Unworthy Forum Moderators

November 9, 2006

nowadays when i visit online forums, i find that these forums often moderated by useless and unworthy moderators

well being useless doesn’t really bothers me but being a complete idiot and typing in weird language and also gives brainless arguements

further sometimes they will just alleged you with some false allegation and force you to admit it to show that they are in authority, and in the event if u manage to justify yourself, then they pretend to ignore you as though nothing had ever happen

sometimes they even try to change the topic, put forward some weird arguements as if they got it from their younger siblings such as, ‘OOOOO U POST 4 POSTS ONLY, SO WAT U SAY IS ALL LIES, I POSTED 100000 POST SO WHAT I SAY IS LAW” and “YOU JUST JOIN THE FORUM TODAY, SO U ALL ARE LIARS” and most of all their most famous technic….the BAN u from the forum and ask you for your reply and justification, so since that you are banned from the forum, u cant reply to the thread which makes them win the arguement

 as all of you can see in the abovesaid forum put forward by Pneoxian, one can see that the moderator cant even type in proper English and he even boast about what he’s is gonna do if he was proven wrong etc etc (i bet he wouldn’t have the testicle to keep his word if he lose his arguement)

finally in the event if he fail to justify his useless arguement, then these mods will resort to their famous excuse ‘I BET ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE THE SAME PERSON, IMA GONNA CHECK YOUR IP’, however when the IP excuse fail, then they will just lock the thread and pretend as though nothing had ever happened

 so sometimes i always wonder whether forums admins really have set a criteria when they elect mods to moderate the forum for them

Local Forums

November 8, 2006

As most of you would know I previously written something on this blog which I should not have which got myself and others into a lot of trouble. I do apologize for the trouble I have caused. I have regretted my actions and will do my best not to repeat them. Although this is my personal blog site. I am still a responsible person and claim all responsibilities.

What I do not need are people who call me an ‘asshole’ an claim that I ‘menjatuhkan mentality’ of theirs. Seriously… I do not think I could have done that. You know the saying, when you’re down, nowhere to go but up? Yeah. I was tracking all forms of links and relations as to how my blog was found out which got me into trouble. So one of the sources led me to a particular forum. A local one from the looks of things. So some moderator from that forum decides to call the poster of the blog; namely me, an asshole and other grand claims. He assumed that I would never be able to find out about his claims. Saying that he would carry the person on his back from Komtar to Prangin Mall or whatever the hell it is in Penang. On top of that he said he would hold a press conference and apologize. Well I responded in that forum, along with other like minded people questioning his alleges and claims which until now has never stepped up to answering and has been trying to evade being confronted and hiding behind the backs of his loyal members (who are like minded like him) and his moderator abilities.

It all started out here http://forum.mypdacafe.com/viewtopic.php?t=12346 . Of course it was made that any non members could read so obviously it would attract a lot of people’s curiosity. Naturally it took a few days for him to attempt in understanding what some of us wrote and I guess he realized he started something he could not finish. So he created a new thread in a ‘members only’ area so that non members could not easily read his new claims as well as propaganda strategy in rousing his like minded members to support him. Oh by the way the latter thread is now locked. I wonder why. Must be a great relief for him that he managed to escape being confronted.

Oh I do encourage you all to just be a member specially just to read what he wrote.
Copy this link and paste it too… http://forum.mypdacafe.com/viewtopic.php?p=138187 .
He seems to claim that the members of that forum are mature. He seems to think he is very knowledgeable in mobile phones and telcos. He boasts of being a mobile phone supplier or something like that. As far as he portrays himself, his “knowledge” goes as far as that.

I would file a proper complain to superiors of that forum. However the members of that forum give me the impression that the entire community might be made of people who are like them. Furthermore this is Malaysia which means making a proper complaint would be futile. So here I am making a public awareness of such a forum. If you have problems with me mentioning about the fact of the matters of what happened, you have only the people there to blame. Oh by the way, “newcomers” to the site should not bother posting anything there. The regular members there apparently look down upon new members and treat them like some foreigners. Very welcoming I assure you.

For those of you who have a hard time understanding what I write, the summary of this post is this.
1. I made a mistake in my previous deleted blog and accepting the fact.
2. I am apologizing for that.
3. I do not need people addressing me with profanities.
4. Especially when they do not have any educated, valid and compelling reasons for doing so.
5. Letting everyone know of the intellectual level of some members of such a forum.