Selamat Hari Raya!

October 24, 2006

A shoutout to all of you Muslim dudes and dudettes out there who are actually reading this blog!
Happy Hari Raya! and may you guys have wonderful time with your family and friends!
Ooo and lots of duit raya heheh…


Internet Addiction

October 22, 2006

Last Sunday, I started reading the newspapers again. Now dont get me wrong, I do read the newspapers from time to time, but for the past 3 to 4 years or so, I havent been reading the papers on Sundays. In fact, I can safely say that the only time I read the papers nowadays is when Im on the train on the way to college, because the station provides free papers to its commuters.

Why the sudden obsession with newspapers you might ask. Well, I only read the papers last Sunday because it was raining cats and dogs in my area, so I had to turn off the computer. That made me realise that I havent been reading papers on Sundays for a very long time. The first time I stopped reading them on Sundays was after I got my computer. Since then, I turned my back on newspapers hahaa.

The reason for it? I blame it on Internet Addiction. I was more interested in the sports news on Sundays anyways, and since I can get better articles over on the Net, there was no reason why I should read the papers anymore 😛 Hell, I didnt even read the papers today 😛

If anyone has a cure for Internet Addiction, do share it with me. In the meantime, feel free to share the things you stopped doing because of Internet Addiction too 😉

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Maxis? More Like Meh-xis

October 20, 2006

So my mom went to the Maxis center at TTDI today to query why they were charging high fees when we did not really use their services much and also wondering why they were charging us for things which we never recall suscribing. Since my mom was going there, I asked to change my simcard for a 3G one since I had a 3G phone. I remember someone telling me that changing the simcard to a 3G one was free, or was it written somewhere on their website? But anyways they are now charging RM25 to change your simcard to a 3G one. However access fee to 3G features are zero. I wonder how long they will keep that up.

So when my mom returned from that place. She said their computer systems were down so they could not do anything, including upgrading my simcard. So what now? Their systems are on Hari Raya holidays already?

My mom then went to the DIGI center to enquire about their services because she was kind of disappointed with Maxis being ‘rip offs’ as she put it. However DIGI’s service people were crap as well… nobody attended to her so they have just lost one potential customer who indubitably would let others know of how sucky DIGI’s service is.

Which brings me to the whole picture of Malaysia’s limited service providers, be it for mobile phones or internet… Just because they monopolize the market does not mean they should not uphold their quality and standard of services. It is truly disappointing. How are we expected to become a developed country when these important infrastructures are not being taken seriously?


October 19, 2006

Apologies to one and all… for I have not been actively blogging as I intended. A long series of circumstances have occured and let’s just say that they have preventing me from stumbling onto interesting happenings here and there. So yeah that is my excuse =p I do not know about the others on the team though…

Sticking My Fingers Into Too Many Pies

October 16, 2006

or should it go “Sticking Too Many Fingers Into A Pie”?

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing these past few months. I feel bad to have neglected this baby. Though once I’ve committed myself to something, I feel like I’m obligated to see it through and I keep getting guilt pangs for not blogging here.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a masochist, for driving myself so. I can’t sit still, can’t have any leisure time to myself. I keep offering a helping hand, and then I feel like slapping myself when I can’t find the time to do it, but I always will do it, at the expense of my own duties. 

So, that’s what basically happened to me until I feel so harassed lately.

Some people keep awake by drinking cups of coffee, but the way for me is to blast Bon Jovi into my ears. That will definitely make me most alert.

I was soooo looking forward to the upcoming 5-day holiday but today I received a memo telling me to be on standby. We in Malaysia may be having a 5-day DeepaRaya holiday but it’s a full work week overseas


I wanna resign *bawl*

Friend: What drives you?
Me: I’m (financially) tight.
Friend: TIGHT good mah.
Me: …………