Malaysian drivers

August 18, 2006

this morning on my way to work there is a place where 3 lanes narrow into 1 lane and polite drivers merge into that one lane without much fuss. I was staying in my lane (which had already merged) when this green Iswara tried to cut in and stick to the car in front. The problem was that I was already ahead of him and I just continued straight. Apparently this Iswara driver didn’t like the fact that I didn’t let him cut in and honked furiously and flashed his lights at me. What, so now I’m the bad guy for not letting him cut in?! I didn’t even intentionally do it, I was just driving in my lane and not doing anything antagonistic.

I despise Malaysian drivers like these. There’s plenty of them near my workplace, especially at a u-turn I have to do. Some people try to create a second lane to try to cut into the u-turn, for what, just to get maybe 2 cars ahead? And on bad days, it goes up to three lanes trying to cut into the u-turn lane.

In short, many drivers here have an attitude problem. They break the laws of the road, and get abusive when they don’t get their way or people try to not let them do it. I hate the driving system here. I despise these people who jump the queue, cut into lanes without signalling, weave in and out of traffic dangerously, double park and leave their cars there not caring if another has to get out, did I miss anything?


Burger Eating Competition

August 15, 2006

I had lunch with my friend at 1 Utama today.
We went to Burger King’s. I saw an posters on them holding a burger eating competition on the 26th of August. I did not read the full details but the grand prize consisted of a RM300 gift voucher for Jaya Jusco and other thingies. There was also a coloring competition whereby first prize consisted of a RM300 gift voucher for Toys R Us.

I should ask Rzeznik to go participate in the burger eating competition.

the lanturn festival

August 15, 2006

well bout 2 months ago i went to this lanturn festival at Seri Petaling Bukil Jalil to check out what it is all about and this is what i get

now this is some balls which i took, its theme was THE MANDARIN, that i don’t understand 1 bit

then is my mah lady in front of some building which i think is located at Putrajaya

and i think we all know where’s this dino is heading =)

some bugs (at this point i was kinda impressed by their work of arts, its pretty neat when they can make all this kind of things)

thsi dragon was the main event of the day, this 20 feet long dragon is made completely out of plates and bowls and spoons

here’s the tail

and here’s the body

overall the whole festival was kinda boring at 1st because there was little people there but later there was some acrobats show performed by some 5 year old kid which was pretty cool

It’s Getting Hot(ter) In Here!

August 9, 2006

So yeah… I wanted to write on something but did not know what to write about. Zizou suggested that I write about the lovely weather we are enjoying here in Malaysia. By lovely I mean horribly shitty and by enjoying I mean suffering immensely from.

Well since I left to study in Victoria, Australia. I have came back every Chinese New Year to visit my family and friends and have noticed that the weather kept getting warmer every year around the similar dates. Anyways… yeah tonight is pretty warm and there is a full moon out tonight. I have noticed whenever there is a full moon, the weather tends to get pretty hot, in Malaysia at least.

Here is my theory which is based on zero researches and survey. I believe the moon’s gravitational pull sucks up all the moisture into the air. However the gravitational pull is not as powerful as the sun’s heat which evaporates the moisture rapidly enough to form rain clouds and cause them to rain down.

Come to think of it, it does not sound as impressive as I was telling it to Zizou earlier on hahaha. Oh well I am an arts person not a science one. I try to think creatively. **** the moon!

useless cars

August 8, 2006

a few weeks back in the newspapers there was this VIP or politician stirring up stuff claiming that he tried to buy a Mercedes Benz from the customs department (they get to auction off cars that are seized for tax & customs evasion) and they refused him, instead they offered him some “useless cars”. What would those “useless cars” be? Audis? BMWs? Volvos? Ferraris, even? I wonder what he thinks the general Malaysian public drives.

really proves that some of these politicians are way not in tune with the public at all.

Just What The Country Needs!

August 4, 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: Almost 300 students in the country received monetary aid from software giant Microsoft Malaysia this week.

The 292 students – ranging from UPSR to STPM level – were helped under the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Scholarship Awards Education Excellence Programme. It aims to reward recipients for their commitment to learning and encourages them to value the importance of education. “Education is the key to success and these children are the bedrock of our society,” said Abdul Rahman Abu Haniffa, Microsoft Malaysia public sector strategic engagement director.

“These two factors form the foundation of our commitment at Microsoft to work with the Government, the industry, businesses and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) to elevate the learning experience.” The programme covers children from the Lions Cybercare network of homes. Each year, the homes name students for the merit award, based on the number of distinctions achieved in the assessment examination.


This collaboration between Microsoft and Lions Cybercare has benefited 90 homes throughout Malaysia, and about 5,000 students. To date, some RM313,000 has been disbursed for the academic achievements”

This was taken from’s site, written by Vijandren Ramadass.

I think it is a load of crap. Especially for the UPSR level. I remember not needing to study for UPSR and I got straight A’s. Way to go Microsoft! Another unnecessary idea!

Inactive Bloggers

August 4, 2006

I used to complain that people own blogs do not blog as often as they claim they would or should.
I then began to browse other people’s blogs, strangers’ and acquaintances’ alike.
What I can revelate is this:

It is better to have a few good quality postings than a lot of crap postings.
In short… quality over quantity.
Writing shitty postings not only makes one’s self look stupid also reveals how stupid they can be and God forbid, degenerate other people’s intelligence by reading their postings.