July 30, 2006

A moment of silence for my friend’s kitten whom he ran over with his car this morning.


Customer Service

July 28, 2006

So I just came back from One Utama. I went to buy a gift voucher for my godfather at MPH.
When I went to the Customer Service counter. There were 3 staff at the counter. The first girl saw me, and quickly took out some file and pretend to go through it while the second girl tried so hard not to have eye contact with me thinking that would allow her to not need to tend to me. Annoyed at these two, I proceeded to speak loudly to the third person which was a guy. I said “Hi! I would like to purchase a gift voucher!”

While waiting for the give voucher, the first girl disappeared and I saw her coming back to the counter and proceeded to talk to the second girl about non-work related stuff. Obviously they were slacking and not doing their job. I could even hear what their conversation was about. The highlights of it went something like this “I saw so-and-so yesterday and she was wearing a dress. Looked so sexy”, “It made her breasts look huge” and another one “why do they ban these books? it makes them look more seducing. I want to buy them just because they are banned.”

For FUCK’s sake! If you guys wanted to slack at least do it properly. I mean, there I was, a customer and they could’ve at least pretend to look busy until I left or something. They were chatting right in front of me about trivial nonsense. It was a good thing I did not see any ‘suggestion forms’ nearby. Otherwise I would’ve wrote a long essay about their service or lack thereof. Do not get me wrong. I am not upset with MPH for hiring these people. I am upset about these kind of people in general. They are everywhere in Malaysia. It is very sad to come back to my own country to see these kind of people having these kind of mentality. You would think things would change for the better over here, what with the government and all wanting to improve our country’s image. I tell you the truth, nothing good will happen if the people do not first get over themselves.

In order to lead, you must first learn to serve.

Revenge of the guard(s)

July 24, 2006

As I was leaving college with my friend today, something caught my eye at the parking lot. There was a car parked at the ‘no parking’ area, and there was this plastic cone on top of the car. When I saw that, I laughed really loud, and my friend turned around and asked what was that all about. I was still laughing so I pointed to the car and he laughed out too. I then took a quick snap of the car, and here it is.

cone on car

I think one of the guards put the cone on the car, maybe because the driver didnt care less about the no parking area. Lets just say its a way for the guard(s) to get their revenge haha 😛

Blast from the past

July 22, 2006

I stumbled on this site a few weeks ago, and it instantly brought back fond memories of yesteryears. What am I talking about? Retro games, of course. The site has such games as Frogger, which was my all time favourite game when I was a kid, as well as Space Invaders.

Check out Neave Games and try out the games for yourself 😉

The REAL Competition Starts Tomorrow …

July 20, 2006

… for “One In A Million”. The excitement only starts tomorrow now that we are down to the top 12 finalists. WHO WILL WIN? This is the one million Ringgit question.

My bet is on Suki. Although to be honest, I don’t think she is any more outstanding than the other finalists, I am putting my money on her age, fresh faced looks and whatever talent she has. Paul Moss and Shafinaz like her, so there must be something in her.

And there’s only one Chinese against eleven Malays and no Indians (what a pity) in this group of finalists. And this will benefit Suki, since her generous Chinese fan-base will be united and there won’t be split votes, as shown in the Wild Card show a fortnight ago.

I thought Siti’s sister would bag the wild card slot based on SMS votes, since Siti and her fiance are so rich, they can easily bomb the girl’s SMS lines, but that was not the case.

I personally liked Cindy. I think she has the looks of a *star* but it irritates me when she taps her fingers against the microphone when she performs. Maybe it’s due to nervousness or lack of confidence. I dunno ………..

Anyway, she didn’t make it to the Top 12. However, she said she’ll still be coming out with an album soon so let’s wish her the best of luck in her career. “One In A Million” or not, life goes on.

Apart from Suki, the other contestant whom I think has potential is Faizal Tahir. I think he’s got the looks too *ahem* and he’s got the rough edge rock style and any rock song he sings will suit him to a T. His rock style is way better than Rocker Kampung anytime. There’s a vast difference between Rocker Kampung and Rocker City and gimme Rocker City anytime hehehe

One other contestant who could easily bag the prize is Dayang, and if she does, no one would be surprised.

In “One In A Million”, we can vote for a contestant to be In or Out. I’m not sure if this strategy of 8tv will back-fire. I mean, let’s face it, we are not that affluent as we once were during Malaysian Idol 1 & 2.

In any case, all questions will be answered by September. Meanwhile, let’s bring out the popcorn, sit back, relax and be entertained.

Take A Ride

July 20, 2006

So Zizou and I came up with plans on creating our own video episodes of our late night encounters as we go around places. Proper outline of it has not been laid down yet in black and white but it would consist of us having conversations about various things such as daily ongoings or even deep stuff like philosophical things if it is not too heavy for Zizou hehe. Currently the name I came up for this “segment” is ‘Riding With The Zizou’. However that title depends has to really depend on well Zizou himself to be available for shootings whenever. That might be too demanding of him… So we should come up with a title less character dependent, probably keywords that imply late night activities, driving around and walking around. Of course it would not be entirely restricted to those three keywords. But hey, night time is when we’re active.

Hopefully we could get guests to star in our videos. The length of each episode has not been determined yet. Having said all that, I am still saving up for a DV camera. I have tasted the splendors of video recording from one of the subjects I took while doing my degree. I guess I could say it is my new found hobby/talent/passion. A side aspiration of mine… one day hope to be a bit known in the world of media for my different style of work. Hopefully I get the support and encouragement from people yeah!

I’d like the videos to be down to earth and realistic as possible, as oppose to some people’s work where there is heavy loads of pretentious and annoying acts trying so hard to be cool.