Who do you look like?

June 27, 2006

I’m having a good laugh. I’ve just been playing with Myheritage.com.
Here are the results of my likeness using various photos of myself:
Sezen Aksu 58%
Liliuokalani of Hawaii 50%
Nastassja Kinski 46%

Tony Leung Chiu Wai 57%
Won Bin 52%
Julio Iglesias 48%


Michelle Yeoh 63%
Joss Stone 59%
Mother Teresa 45%

Bruce Lee 55%
Kim Dae-jung 51%
Roh Moo-hyun 50%
Prince William 50%
Tony Curtis 45%


Liliuokalani of Hawaii 56%
Elisha Cuthbert – 47%
Annette Bening – 45%

Jet Li 55%
Evander Holyfield 54%
Jackie Stewart 52%


Choi Ji-woo 60%
Lucy Liu 57%
Renee Zellweger 53%
Mai Kuraki 50%
Natalie Imbruglia 49%

Won Bon 64%
Barack Obama 64%
Martin Luther King Jr 57%
Bruce Lee 51%
Luciano Pavarotti 51%

The names that were repeated are:
Liliuokalani of Hawaii (56% & 50%), Won Bin (64% & 52%) and Bruce Lee (55% & 51%)

Geez… don’t know how they map our features, but funny, I really don’t see a slight resemblance of myself in them, especially NOT this Liliokalani of Hawaii, whoever she is…Google says she was Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii (September 2, 1838 – November 11, 1917).

The highest percent of likeness are Michelle Yeoh (63%) and Won Bin (64%) … hahaha

What about you?


3000 Dollars

June 22, 2006

I was watching television earlier on. There was a segment about teenage Australians getting themselves pregnant to have babies just to claim AUD3000 from the government. At first I assumed that the 3000 dollars would be a starting payment followed by monthly payments. Turns out thats all they would get for being pregnant. Just 3000 dollars end of story. If they were to receive financial support monthly then I say it would not have been such a bad deal but just 3000 dollars? I do not think it is worth having to go through being pregnant, giving birth and raising a kid just for 3000 dollars.

They were interviewing this girl who had a baby daughter. She seemed proud of her achievements and so did her mother. Her mother was smiling about it. Personally they way how they spoke and the way how they looked, they did not seem to be very educated. No offense.

This payment made to pregnant people was originally started in 2004 by the Australian government to encourage growth of the population. Then came these people who thought that it was easy money.
Seriously… are these people that hard up for cash? They think they are benefittin from getting pregnant. The only people who are getting benefits from these are the sperm donors. They get to have sex for free without using contraceptives and then leaving their load in those girls. They do not even have to be a father to the kid!

ice cream…its spoon licking good

June 19, 2006

i remember the time when i got my 1st ice-cream…but then now that i think about it, it was actually a popcicle(flavoured ice) where you suck this tube of ice which has many types of flavours…my favourite was strawberry

then much later it was the age of 'ice-krim potong' i.e. chop ice cream (=.=) which was like 10 times better than the popcicle and comes in durian, banana, corn, red bean and various other favours

when i was bout 9 or 10 years of age then i started to get those nestle or wall's ice cream like 'split' or 'paddle pop' lion ice cream. i couldn't afford any cone ice cream like cornetto or drumstick during that time

now i am 22 years of age and have a job, i can afford to get any ice cream like wall's venette or the baskin robbin's banana split… and i can say that it taste sooooooooooooo good which make me wanna lick the bowl clean…gawd and i just love ice cream



Nanaca Crash

June 15, 2006

I stumbled upon a thread in my World of Warcraft's Guild Forum.
It's a japanese flash game. It was funny and addictive. The guy who introduced the game to us in the forums had scored 7XXXm in distance.

You're suppose to crash your bicycle into a guy who will then bounce and fly right-wards. The objective is to get him to go as far as possible. Of course there would be powerup people to land on along the way which would boost his speed allowing him to go further and faster.

To play the game go here

Instructions can be found here

This is what I got after playing for a few minutes.

high score!

Spain 4 – 0 Ukraine

June 14, 2006

This has got to be one of the most exciting games so far in the World Cup. Spain trashed Ukraine 4 nil, and honestly, it could have been more. 2 goals in each half saw them sweep past Ukraine. The best goal of the game has got to be the last goal, which got me up from the couch to celebrate it hahaha.

Spain is definitely a team to watch in this campaign. It could very well be their year. Out of all the matches that was played so far, I have to say that only 3 teams have impressed (my own judgement, of course). The teams are Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain. Brazil didnt convince me this morning, but we have to wait and see. France was disappointing! Play better god dammit!

last paper to go…

June 10, 2006

after 2 weeks of enduring sleepless nights, i learned a new trick, if u tell yourself 'tomorrow i'll wake up at 6am' then really tomorrow you will wake up at 6am without the help of the alarm clock…thats kinda cool and now i know why my dad can wake up early for any important day without any alarm eventhough he sleeps late at night.

last paper is on this tuesday and then i will have 3 months holiday (what a relieve!!) anwyays i think i did very badly on my trust paper…about things like unconscionable and not inconsistent… i think during the holidays i will have to prepare for the Nov paper which i'm going to resit =(…well actually i kinda hope that i would pass the paper

now i'm looking forward to my holidays where i can go have a vacation…which reminds me about the last trip to langkawi where i almost die from drowning

well thats the photo shot when we went on a fishing trip at some 'no people island' where the boatman brought us there…anyways i will keep updating some interesting stuff in the vacation =)

Germany 4 – 2 Costa Rica, Poland 0 – 2 Ecuador

June 10, 2006

So it begins, and what an opening game it was. 6 goals itself in the first game, thats a new high scoring record right there. 2 awesome goals from Germany, and a deserved win for them. Hats off to Costa Rica for not giving up when they were behind by two goals.

Didnt watch the other game, because I was too tired 😛 But Ecuador won, which is not a suprise to me, considering how Poland isnt that strong.

Next game, England Vs Paraguay. Should be an interesting game to watch. But then again, I dont support England 😛