May 30, 2006

What a day it has been. It was rather hectic for me as I had to do alot of running around.
Details of the hecticness will be in my personal blog.
When I finally came back, I got me a refridgerated bottle of water which I bought at the nearby supermarket. I bought it because of its label.

another bloody water?

I have christened my mobile phone!
It now has customized wallpaper, both in the main screen as well as the outer screen!



May 29, 2006

FedEx came this morning at 9am. Great! Only I was sleeping and could not notice the doorbell ring as I was dead tired. I slept at 6am this morning trying to finish my assignment. When I woke up at 11am, I found a note they left me saying that they came at 9am. So I called them up and told them to come back and give me my stuff. They came around 3pm whilst I was still trying to finish my assignment.

Receiving the package was a big distraction and delayed my completion of assignment. However I managed to get it done! Which was around 8pm… I had to then take a train to the city to print some stuff as part of my assignment. The shop that I usually go to for printing has been taken over by FedEx! Coincidence? Anyways most of their computer terminals were gay. I tried printing my documents from most of them but the printer did not receive any signals from them. So I had to use the more expensive computers. Go figure. On my way back I took some photos with my new package!

Check this out… some dude who has a thing for different colored shoelaces…

And just outside my apartment a whole lot of guys doing some stuff with the cables on the road…

roadwork Crap… wrong size… meh…

flash This is me!

By the way you may notice that the quality of the pictures taken are quite sucky for a 2 megapixel camera. The thing is, I have not taken out the plastic seal from the camera's lense and also the lightings in those situations were bad so yeah =p

Nanamujika – Bokutachi no Butai

May 29, 2006

Stumbled on this duo group while I was looking for anime updates. I decided to download it since it came highly recommended. And since Im always open to new stuff, I thought I’d give it a try.

Turns out that these two girls can really sing. Both of their songs are a ballad, which is like my favourite. They have pretty impressive voices, and its all like, high-toned. If Im not mistaken, they have a few other singles, and maybe an album. Im interested in listening to them all.

The latest single is titled ‘Bokutachi no Butai’. It basically means ‘Our group’. According to their site, this song will be used in one of the dramas that they are gonna show soon. If anyone else can translate what is written there, do let me know.

If you want to sample their new single, there’s a link on the site that allows you to do so 😉

Vegeta Vs Vegeta

May 27, 2006

I was watching some television while having my dinner. Roast chicken, chips and chicken caesar salad for those of you who are curious.

I saw a commercial about cooking ingredient which shared the same name as a Dragonball character.
For those of you who are not familiar to Dragonball, it is a japanese animation or anime and one of the earliest and quite popular japanese animation ever done. I do not know much about it myself but I'm sure my friends do.  I used to make fun of the Dragonball character's name saying it had something to do with vegetables for they both shared the first two syllables. I never would have thought that somewhere in the world, someone created a cooking ingredient containing mostly vegetable stuff using the same name. I think that Vegeta does mean vegetables or something like that in some language.


Getting All Stressed Out

May 26, 2006

Recently, I am getting all stressed out.

One of the reasons, besides work overload, financial strain (what with the rising cost), feeling like 24 hours per day is never enough, is that I'm trying my best, on a daily basis, to cheer up a friend who is a cancer patient and is on palliative care now. There's really not much hope of getting a real cure, except to live the rest of his life as comfortably as possible.

The problem is, I need to put on a happy mood all the time, and try not to talk on sensitive issues… and yes, he is indeed, understandably, moody all the time, sensitive, in pain and misunderstanding my words for lack of concentration. Who wouldn't?

Also, I have to make sure not to dispense any unwanted advice. He has been getting all those (and tried all of them out unsuccessfully) from people in both the Western and Eastern medical profession for the past year and a half.

Sometimes, when conversation runs too deeply, I am at a lost for words. How can I help, when he tells me that he misses the food, for example? What can I do when he tells me that being forced to lie in bed most of the day is no way to live? And having to face this physical imprisonment, when he was a free-spirited guy who travelled all over the world in the course of his work?

It's the helplessness of knowing that I can't alleviate his pain and that only the finality of death can release him from all these earthly sufferings … it's the reluctance of letting go, of holding on, and yet knowing that we are just dragging the end.

the poor get poorer

May 25, 2006

so I was thinking about the recent price increases in fuel, interest rates (but not savings interest rates *sigh*), and now, electricity. Actually I wouldn't mind so much all these price increases, it's a reality of life, this inflation (as long as it doesn't get to some ridiculous level – Indonesia comes to mind – "hey, I'm a millionaire!" "yeah, so is half the country") except that my salary doesn't seem to have gone up much to match these price increases.

everything seems to go up except our salaries! part of the price to pay for working in a chinaman company I guess… I have a friend who was working at SEGi College (Systematic) and he said his increment and bonus could be measured in decimal points (like, he got a pay raise of 0.03%, year end bonus of 0.1%, etc.)

I guess it is true what they say about chinaman companies… those who are looking for jobs or going to look for jobs… be warned…

Malaysia Boleh! meh.

May 25, 2006

So I have been waiting anxiously to receive news about my online purchase for the new Nokia N71.
There was no other place in Australia that sold that model except from this particular site. Even then they sold it for a very low price. So I thought what the heck, just tried it out.

Finally today at around 10pm, I received email for a FedEx tracking number of the my order.
I assumed it would have been shipped from New South Wales, where their company was but guess where it was actually being shipped from…


Let this be a warning to anyone who wishes to do online shopping.